Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nightmares and beautiful dreams...

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It's so curious, when I was a little girl, I had so many terrible nightmares night after night; as a result I had dark circles under eyes all the time. I remember not being afraid of the dark, but I was afraid to close my eyes. As soon as I closed my eyes, the nightmare continued, like a story; never the same, but
with continuity. I remember only two beautiful dreams. One where I was able to fly and land so easily and the other one where I was floating in a beautiful river and saw many towering trees.
I avoided seeing anything scary, that increased my nightmares. When I first saw the Frida's Paintings, I thought they were so cruel and rude, I avoided them. When I was in my 20's my nightmares disappeared almost completely. I started to read about Frida and I saw her painting pieces in books and some museums. Now, I'm a fan of Frida, and I found so much inspiration because of her.
Here are two paintings (one is in progress), they will be available on my Etsy store.
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  1. Beautiful work Thelma, I love seeing other artists work half way done, thank you for sharing!
    I have always been plagued by very vivid dreams good and bad and my daughter who is 5 gets terrible nightmares too.
    I'm glad your's have gone now though it is an awful thing to be burdened with.

    Micki x

  2. I like your new painting...she looks happy. And the little bird on the side I love it!

    I did not have so many nightmares as a kid, but I was afraid of the night and all the things in my room when the lights were down I saw them as rare creatures...scary...

  3. I have more nightmares as an adult than I did as a kid. I love that paintng, and I 'm glad you no longer have nightmares. I used to have the same nightmare where I was in a house, a strange house and someone was after me and I had to keep running but I couldn't because there was quicksand all over. You get the picture, yikes what a dream. Take care.

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for leaving the wonderful comment on my page. I love your work too! I don't have any nightmares now,,,,but I do have dark circles...must be my age..haha.


  5. Hi Thelma,
    What glorious Work you have created here!
    You ought to be so proud.. I love your COLORS!! Absolutely Brilliant.. !
    I added you to my list of blogs.
    I will watch your work for another great piece.. ! hugs, Darlene xo

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog today!
    And for your sweet comments.
    As a child I had one nightmare that would
    repeat whenever I was feeling "left out" within my family. After years of education/study, it made since.
    Interestingly, I too never cared for Frida paintings. They bothered me.
    Not until my latter years at university, did
    I begin to appreciate her work.
    Your work, Thelma, is lovely.
    A fine tribute to an artist you now admire.
    well done on you!

  7. blessings Thelma, thank you for popping by :)
    I love to see works in progress...beautiful!
    Love & light clever goddess spreading warmth everyones way ....
    Trace xxx

  8. So pleased your bad dreams have nearly all gone. Must of been really frightening as a child? My first husband and a friend called Joy, use to see a scary wolf under their bed. I am so pleased I didn't get any of these experiences! I really feel for you as a small person frightened to go to sleep. Frida is a super real artist that touches so many lives! I am glad you find inspiration from her art, it certainly shows so beautifully in your paintings. They are so adorable!

  9. i love too Frida Khalo. She was so strong and her life wasn't easy. When i discovered her art, i was fascinated and i read too a book which talk about her childwood, her art and her woman's life. The book's name is Frida et Diego". It's a french book writting by Le Clézio a french writter. I love your new painting.

  10. Thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog. I love your art! Your mixed media creations are awesome! I usually have nightmares when I eat late of before going to bed. EVERYTIME. I don't do it often, but if I slip without thinking I will have a nightmare. Horrid nightmares.

  11. Hi, Thelma! So glad to hear your nightmares are over. Pretty painting! :-)

  12. Gorgeous gorgeous paintings Thelma, I just love your talent! I'm passing onto you a BLOGGING Award! You can see the details on my blog. You don't have to post it if you don't want to, its really just to let you know I LOVE your ART! Kaili @ Billy&Button

  13. Pop over to my blog when you get a moment there is an award waiting for you ;)

    Micki x

  14. Hi Thelma! Thanks for sharing your creativity! As a child, I had alot of nightmares too. I still get creeped out just thinking about them. Glad that Frida inspired you too.

    Lisa :)

  15. So glad you grew out the nightmare stage....that must have been truly awful. I love Frida's art as well as your inspiring.

  16. So very talented. Isn't your work on the front cover of the new Somerset Studio? It looks like incredible.

  17. Thelma, I feel your pain. I still go through seasons of having nightmares. When I was a child I had them somthing terrible. I'm 35 and I can still see my childhood nightmares in my head with such clarity that I could probably draw them. Amazing.
    Oh, and I'm going to have to give frida a second chance. She's always kind of creeped me out, too!

  18. Ohhhhh I just saw that you've already got it....the Kreative Blog Award Well ya got it again! Cause I love your blog and I already published mine! :) Love your stuff!!!! - Kim :)

  19. I love all your Frida work. It's just wonderful! I love flying in my dreams except when they turn to nightmares and then it's more like a crash course in flying...with crashes and chases. Sounds more fun than it really is.

  20. beautiful paintings, your fridas and other little girls are absolute sweetness. :)

  21. Simply your Fridas are beauty and cute.
    I fan of her...


  22. Loove your art!! I'm a fan of your Fridas!!
    Boho Market